Like most disciplines in life, experience counts and it is imperative to employ the services of a Kitchen Design specialist.  To get the best outcome for your kitchen renovation choose someone who has been involved in the business for many years. A design specialist would have many kitchen renovations behind them and you will benefit from their experience. The key benefits and tasks that a Kitchen Designer perform are:

  • A kitchen Design Professional can quickly sum up what footprint will best work in your house who will explore different layouts & concepts and communicate those to you effectively
  • Take careful consideration of your kitchen renovation budget to ensure there are no blowouts
  • Listen intently to ensure your kitchen wish list is delivered and incorporated into the final kitchen design and layout
  • Discuss the pro’s and con’s with each kitchen design option
  • Space Planning – Kitchen Work Flow, Work Zones such as the Kitchen Clean up –sink and dishwasher, Small Appliance area and Food Prep & Cooking area, Dry Food Storage
  • Storage Options- The use of Kitchen Accessories & Kitchen Wireware to make those everyday items used in the kitchen easy and accessible
  • Cooking Appliances – which type and capacity of Oven will suit, Gas or Induction the likely costs and benefits, which Rangehood and how to duct externally
  • Layouts incorporating Seating for Casual Dining, Glass Display Cabinets & Bookshelves
  • Kitchen Design Enhancements such as Profiled Island Pillars, Colonial Skirting, Decorative Features such as colonial Brackets and Custom Made Rangehood Cabinets with a Mantle
  • Effective Lighting – A balanced light source is imperative in a kitchen through the use of LED’s and the potential addition of a feature pendant light over an Island Bench and where to buy.
  • Kitchen Finishes – Door finishes and profiles, Benchtop choices, Handle options, colour and texture advice to ensure the finishes chosen work well with the existing decor of your house.
  • Visualisation- Today’s modern software can produce an accurate view with a 3D image which can help you visualise your kitchen before it is even installed.