A guide for Essential Kitchen Accessories & Storage Solutions then there is the Gimmicks!

The use of Kitchen Accessories should assist you to make your life in the kitchen a breeze. Kitchen Storage Solutions with great design can transform a difficult corner into a readily accessible space. Whether is a difficult corner cabinet which becomes far more accessible with either a Slide Corner Swing Pullout or a simple Lazy Susan. A kitchen pantry with deep shelving where items can remain hidden for years to a Pullout Pantry in Wireware or the  effortless accessibility of Pantry Inner Drawers. No more scrambling on your hands and knees to get that cleaning agent out of the bottom of your sink cabinet. This can all be resolved with the addition of a Kitchen Caddy or the more elaborate Blum Sink Drawer. In the hustle and bustle of the preparation of the evening meal and looking for that herb or spice in the pantry to bring some zing to your meal or the handy spice rack placed next to your oven and cooktop. Removing the meat from its wrapper only to find your hands covered in juices and then anything that you touch will be marked or just a small press with your knee to release the auto opening bin. Then there’s the clutter associated with all those appliances on the bench and the mess associated with making your morning cup of coffee or the crumbs leaking from your toaster. A better idea is to have these concealed in an appliance cupboard either with a Roller Shutter that effortlessly glides away when not in use or the use of Bifold Doors to conceal everything from view.

For further information visit: http://www.furnwaregroup.com.au/Kitchen-Home-Storage for an extensive range of Kitchen Storage Solutions.

Blum’s Orgaline has an extensive range of Kitchen Storage Solutions with various combinations for your cutlery and the many Kitchen utensils. Then their range of Inner Dividing systems to keep everything placed in their drawer just as you planned. Tailor–made storage to make everything clearly visible and accessible.

For more information visit: https://www.blum.com/au/en/products/innerdividingsystems/orga-line/programme/

Then there are the gimmicks. Some of these have to be assessed by how expensive they are and whether you value the benefits they can bring to everyday kitchen functionality.

The Blum Sink drawer looks great but the drawbacks are that it is a very expensive piece of kit and takes up a lot of valuable space. It needs a minimum width of 1100mm to work effectively which is a lot of precious space in your kitchen.

People always ask about the benchtop shute where,  rather a large a hole is drilled through your new benchtop to access a bin underneath instantly creating a unhygienic space and then there is the pop up powerpoint with similar drawbacks.

For further information visit: