The typical fit out of a new kitchen takes around 2 & 1/2 weeks from commencement. For most people you will be without a kitchen for this time and this can be very inconvenient so there are important steps you can take to ensure you have a successful Kitchen renovation.

Avoid a considerable headache by employing the services of a professional organisation with a steady hand on the tiller. There can be 10 different Tradespeople required to complete your kitchen renovation and the project management and expert coordination of these trades is essential to a successful renovation where the goal is to ensure that the project is not unnecessarily delayed and is completed within the smallest time frame possible. This takes expert coordination of all of the trades associated with your project.



  • From order normally your new kitchen would be ready to be installed within 3 – 5 weeks depending on the cabinetry doors chosen
  • If your existing kitchen needs to be removed this usually only takes a few hours and either your old kitchen finds a new home through being sold on Gumtree or unfortunately it may have to go to landfill.
  • Once the old kitchen is removed this is the time for the new electrical and plumbing rough in to allow for new powerpoints, a relocated oven or cooktop, a new sink or gas position and fridge water.
  • If there is structural work to be performed such as wall & window alterations, or removing a wall this would happen after the kitchen is removed.
  • Also if work is to be performed on your flooring such as a new tiled floor or maybe sanding and polishing the timber floorboards, this should happen now.
  • Your new Kitchen Cabinetry would normally take between 1 day and 2 days to install depending on the size and complexity of the design.
  • With most benchtops these days being stone, these have to be templated ( MEASURED) prior to manufacturing and this must be done only after the cabinets are installed. Again this should be performed at the earliest opportunity after your cabinets are installed.
  • The typical lead-time for the benchtops to be manufactured and then installed is 10 working days. In this time painting, plastering or finishing off your flooring can be attended to.
  • Once the benchtops are installed your electrical, sink and appliances can be fitted off and your kitchen would mostly be operational from that time.
  • And then there is only the splashback to complete. For toughened glass the lead-time can be another 10 working days but tiling can be done straight away.
  • Your Kitchen renovation should now be complete and ready for you to enjoy for many years.