Kitchen Pantry Options

 There is essentially 4 Kitchen Pantry Options to consider:

  • BUTLERS PANTRY – The Butlers pantry today is more about storage of food and small appliances than additional food preparation areas. Most kitchens from yesteryear are severely lacking in storage capacity. Subsequently, a lot of those presents you received for your Engagement or Marriage are dispersed in other areas of the house rather than the kitchen because they simply won’t fit and then you are less likely to use them. Small appliances go beyond the Toaster and Jug. There are Coffee Machines, Blenders of all types, Juicers, Sandwich & Bread Makers, Rice Cookers and Portable Deep Fryers.  The minimum space  required for a Butlers Pantry should be 1400mm Deep x 2000mm Wide allowing for an entry door of around 700mm to 800mm. The depth is necessary so that the room is not claustrophobic and is inviting to use. This would be the ideal Kitchen Pantry Option to consider if your Kitchen Footprint is big enough to accommodate one.
  • TALL PANTRY WITH INNER DRAWERS – For ease of visibility and accessibility you can’t beat the addition of Inner Drawers to your Pantry. No longer do you need to get on your hands and knees to see what is in the back of the cupboard and restocking is effortless when you can see exactly what is in the pantry by simply pulling a drawer forward. If you can’t have a Butlers Pantry the next best option when it comes to a Kitchen Pantry.
  • WALKIN BLIND CORNER PANTRY – When you don’t have room for a Butlers Pantry the best use of a corner is a Walkin Blind Corner Pantry. They start at a minimum length of 1200mm with a single door opening and 1400mm with dual door access. And they can be anything from the standard depth of 600mm up to 800mm. With adjustable L- Shaped shelving everything is easily accessed with lots of capacity for food and small appliances.
  • PULLOUT PANTRIES WITH WIREWARE – Ideal for small kitchens where space is at a premium. Avoid using a Pullout Pantry that is more than 400mm wide. Even high quality mechanisms can be clunky and heavy to remove from the cupboard
  • Brisbane Kitchen Design Shake Style Kitchen Davis Mansfield Butlers Pantry(10)Traditional Kitchen with Butlers Pantry   
  •             BUTLERS PANTRIES
  • Brisbane Kitchen Design Patterson Shaker Style Kitchen McDowall (6)Brisbane Kitchen Design Patterson Shaker Style Kitchen McDowall Blum C Height Inner Drawers(7)
  •         FOR FURTHER INFORMATION VISIT :https://www.blum.com/au/en/products/innerdividingsystems/orga-line/programme/
  • Brisbane Kitchen Design Contemporary Kitchen White 2 Pac Integrated Handles (7)Brisbane Kitchen Design Contemporary Kitchen White 2 Pac Integrated Handles (6)
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  • FOR FURTHER INFORMATION VISIT: http://www.furnwaregroup.com.au/Kitchen-Home-Storage/Vauth-Sagel-Solid-Base-Wireware